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Over 2 Million Arizonans File Taxes Online

Tax season is upon us and nearly 2.8 million Arizonans are expected to file this season. With the new season however brings new changes to the tax code, leaving more than a few average citizens scratching their head regarding their return.

It has been estimated that nearly 260,000 of those filing within Arizona will request an extension on their taxes this year. Many of these people will additionally be electing to file their taxes through an online service, an increasing trend in recent years.

The IRS is stressing that changes in the tax code may prevent certain individuals from receiving their full refund should they opt to casually file online. Changes in their marital, financial and parental status may affect the way you file.

Some individuals are eligible for EITC (earned income tax credit), good for a $6000 return in some cases. Nearly 2.2 million Arizona tax filers will opt to complete their taxes online, foregoing a maximum return in many cases.

These figures indicate perhaps there is something more to visiting a tax professional in person.

You can receive additional help from the IRS when it comes to filing your taxes by visiting their website or calling them directly.

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