Construction & Contractor Taxes

Tax Attorney Stephen C.. Newmark focuses on Arizona Construction & General Contractor Tax Law

Construction and Contractor tax law in Arizona requires a tax law specialist.

The Phoenix, AZ Newmark Law Firm has the resources, experience, and in-depth understanding of Arizona tax law you need. Protect yourself and your business from excessive taxation, tax penalties, and overeager tax collectors. Stephen C. Newmark can assist with all of your tax needs—tax audit,tax appeals, tax litigation—and answer all of your questions in regard to Arizona Construction and Contractor Taxes, Manufacturing & Mining Sales & Use Taxes, Motor Carrier Taxes, and many others.

When Arizona construction & contractor tax law is concerned, diligent planning is essential.

Many independent contractors, construction workers, and construction companies are unfamiliar with the complexities of Arizona tax law.

  • There are many exemptions in Arizona that will minimize the amount of taxes you must pay
  • The distinction between employer and independent contractor has major implications for tax withholding purposes. The Arizona Department of Revenue has recently become more aggressive in enforcing tax collection related to employee classification.
  • Many types of construction equipment are tax exempt. Being unaware of these exemptions may result in excessive taxation.
  • Cities and counties may impose tax burdens that are in addition to Arizona taxes.
  • “Contractor” is broadly defined in Arizona. It includes any person or organization that personally, or through others, repairs, constructs or alters any road, building, or other structure.

The broad definition of “contractor” in Arizona may lead to tax controversies.

Many employers in Arizona do not know that they may be paying the wrong type of tax or not withholding an appropriate amount. This arises from the broad definition of “contractor” which may include anyone paid to

  • Clear land
  • Landscape
  • Engage in construction site preparation
  • Do wiring and roofing
  • Repair or install heating and air conditioning
  • Hang a business sign
  • Paint

Being uncertain of the tax laws and their proper application can lead to major tax penalties. If you face a tax audit, you are considering a tax appeal, or need a tax litigation lawyer, Stephen C. Newmark will be on your side. But acting before you are penalized will allow Mr. Newmark to minimize your risk of tax controversy or excessive taxation. Call (602) 274-7552 to discuss your concerns.

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