Manufacturing & Mining Sales

Arizona Manufacturing & Mining Sales Privilege and Use Taxes

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Manufacturers in Arizona operate heavy machinery, may employ hundreds of employees, may use massive amounts of fuel, and have a variety of tax collecting agencies to pay. If you are a manufacturer with a presence in the State of Arizona, your best chance of limiting your tax liability exposure is to consult with an Arizona tax law specialist.

Whether you operate a mine or manufacture a product in Arizona, you will face a complex tax system. If you are already facing a tax audit, an experienced tax attorney can help. Arizona Tax Law Attorney Stephen C. Newmark has more than 35 years of experience as a tax lawyer in Arizona. He has handled numerous tax appeals. But based on his decades of experience, he knows that the best defense against massive tax penalties is to become familiar with your tax responsibilities before you face an audit or investigation. Call Stephen C. Newmark at (602)274-7552 *or by e-mail* to have your questions answered by a skilled Scottsdale tax attorney. Call (602) 274-7552 for a free consultation.

Arizona Mining Sales Privilege and Use Taxes

If you are a mining company in Arizona, your familiarity with Arizona Mining Sales Privileges and Use Taxes is crucial to your success.  Anyone mining any of the following minerals or non-metal products must adhere to intricate Arizona mining tax laws:

  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Limestone
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Shale
  • Clay
  • Gypsum
  • Building Stone
  • Cinders
  • Flux

Many Arizona cities impose tax rates of their own in addition to state and county taxes. Some cities have the state collect their taxes. Other cities collect their taxes directly from the mining operation. Each tax requires particular forms and licenses and must be accounted for when any budgets are being developed. For assistance with these and other complexities that are a part of Arizona tax law, contact certified Arizona tax law specialist Stephen C. Newmark at (602) 274-7552.

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