State Sales & Use Taxes

Arizona State Sales & Use Taxes

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Few, however, are as experienced as Stephen C. Newmark. As one of the few attorneys in Arizona honored with the designation “specialist” in Arizona Tax Law, Mr. Newmark is one of the most accomplished and experienced attorneys in the state. A rigorous focus and endless dedication to tax law has lead to Mr. Newmark’s success over the last 35 years.

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Some common questions about Arizona State Sales & Use Taxes

After practicing tax law in Arizona for more than three decades, Mr. Newmark has seen cases of the greatest complexity and the highest stakes. Some questions that clients often have about Arizona State Sales & Use Taxes include:

  • Is there a difference between sales and use tax and transaction privilege tax? No. These are the same and require a license to engage in sales and service within the state. This tax is commonly referred to as a sales tax but is actually a tax that allows the payer the privilege of doing business in the state.
  • Do all retail businesses have to pay the privilege tax? Many businesses are subject to the tax: retail sales, restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, commercial leasing, advertising, amusement parks, property rentals, construction and contracting, mining, transportation, printing and publishing, utilities, communications, transportation companies and others.
  • Who do I contact to pay my businesses’ State Sales & Use Tax? The Arizona Department of Revenue (DOR) Arizona Joint Tax Application is used to apply for the license to do business in Arizona. It is referred to as “joint” because it is used by both the Departments of Revenue and Economic Security.
  • If I purchase equipment from out-of-state to use in my Arizona business, what taxes must I pay? You must pay a use tax on equipment, goods, and products that you will not re-sale but that assist in your administration of business.

Your questions may be complex. Your tax burden may be great. Regardless of the complexity or the stakes of your case, Arizona Privilege Tax Lawyer Stephen C. Newmark can guide you through your tax responsibilities. Call Stephen C. Newmark at (602)274-7552 *or by e-mail* to have your questions answered by a skilled Scottsdale tax attorney.

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