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Most Arizona tax disputes are settled at the audit or appeals level. Even in cases where it is necessary to file a court action, most appeals can be settled before reaching a courtroom. The Newmark Law Firm will seek an early settlement in your favor but will also relentlessly prepare for litigating the dispute in court.

Mr. Newmark’s 35 years of experience in Arizona tax law make the need for a court appearance highly unlikely. However, he will diligently prepare for court. As a skilled negotiator with decades of experience with tax appeals, tax audits, and tax litigation, he will do all he can to get your case settled favorably and help you avoid a courtroom appearance.

Tax appeals in Arizona often arise from complex related issues.

Many tax payers make mistakes on their returns and end up burdened with massive penalties. Also, when the value of assets is in dispute, property or possessions are sometimes overvalued. This can lead to overpayment of taxes and lead to estate tax issues as well as property tax issues. Mr. Newmark has deep experience in relation to all of these tax subjects.

There are a variety of reasons why you might appeal your tax burden and there are a variety of options for confronting these burdens depending on your circumstance:

  • Offers in Compromise: Mr. Newmark can negotiate with the government to settle for less than the amount you owe.
  • Installment Agreement: For some clients, paying off the tax debt is the best option but they cannot do it in the time required. Mr. Newmark can help create a payment plan that will freeze the interest as you pay the tax debt.
  • Levies, liens, or wage garnishment: Occasionally, the Arizona Department of Revenue may try to seize your assets or garnish your wages to satisfy a tax bill. Mr. Newmark will use all resources available and his negotiating prowess to aggressively stop this from happening.

You have many options for appealing your tax burden. Your most advantageous step is to contact a certified Arizona tax law specialist. Call Stephen C. Newmark at (602)274-7552 *or by e-mail* to have your questions answered by a skilled Scottsdale tax attorney. You have options against unfair taxes. The Arizona Department of Revenue may use all of their bureaucratic power to intimidate you. You can fight back with the Newmark Law Firm on your side.

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